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Great stomp, kid, that was one in a million?

The beta version of Star Wars Battlefront is now available for everyone to play, and YouTube user Zephs did just that — and created a viral video in the process.

A 45-second clip of the game uploaded to YouTube shows Zephs firing at Luke Skywalker during the Hoth battle. And just when it looks like Skywalker is going to finish off the nameless Stormtrooper taking shots at a great Jedi knight, an AT-AT stomps into the screen and right onto Skywalker’s head.

“You will be rememememembered [sic],” Zephs wrote.

The beta of Star Wars Battlefront lasts until Oct. 12. The game includes three scenarios: the massive, multiplayer assault on Hoth (shown in the video above), a “Survival Mission” on Tatooine, and a new Drop Zone mode which takes place on Sullust. There, players will engage in eight-on-eight match to control escape pods falling down to the planet.

More on Star Wars Battlefront can be found here. Watch Luke get squished above.

Star Wars: Battlefront

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