Plus, what to expect from Elektra in season 2

By Christopher Rosen
October 10, 2015 at 10:45 PM EDT
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Marvel fans hoping the next season of Daredevil produces a great version of Frank Castle have an ally in star Jon Bernthal.

Speaking to EW on Saturday at New York Comic Con, Bernthal explained how seriously he takes the responsibility of playing Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher.

“The level of talent from the creators and the cast and the unbelievable crew, it’s such an honor to be a part of,” Bernthal, who will join Daredevil in season 2, said during an interview in the EW and Sirius XM suite at Comic Con. “They set the bar so enormously high. It’s the first time for me sort of coming onto something that’s so wonderful. I’ve always been there from the beginning and been a part of that culture from the beginning. It’s an honor and a responsibility, and the pressure is on. These guys are no nonsense and they’re really, really wonderful at what they do.”

But in addition to the pressure of living up to season 1, Bernthal explained that he’s determined to get Castle right for the fans. “It’s an iconic character who people care an enormous amount about,” Bernthal said. “People in law enforcement and the military — this is a character who resonates really strongly [to them]. That’s no-nonsense to me. I know a lot of people really want us to get this right, and all I can say is the people around me are really wonderful, and I’m just trying to keep up with them.”

Bernthal, who rose to fame playing Shane on The Walking Dead and has appeared in movies like Fury and The Wolf of Wall Street, was cast as Castle in June. “Jon Bernthal brings an unmatched intensity to every role he takes on, with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences,” Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television, said in a statement at the time. “Castle’s appearance will bring dramatic changes to the world of Matt Murdock and nothing will be the same.”

Season 2 of Daredevil, which will premiere on Netflix in 2016, also added Elodie Yung to the cast as famous Daredevil character Elektra. Watch Bernthal, Young, and returning stars Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), and Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), discuss the show above.

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