By Megan Lewis
Updated October 09, 2015 at 06:53 PM EDT
Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Stephenie Meyer published Life and Death, a reimagining of Twilight with swapped gender roles. The foreword of the new book began with an apology that the book was not Midnight Sun, Twilight told from Edward’s perspective that she had been teasing for years. She listed her reasoning as a lack of time for Midnight Sun, but during New York Comic-Con, she gave another reason: Grey.

Midnight Sun is kind of cursed,” she reportedly told the crowd. When 12 unfinished chapters of Midnight Sun leaked in 2008, Meyer said she was upset and put the project on hold. She said at the Comic-Con panel that she recently wrote a bit more from Edward’s perspective. “What do you think was the top story on Yahoo the next morning?” she asked the crowd. “Grey.”

E.L. James announced in June that she would release Grey, the retelling of Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian’s perspective.

“It was a literal flip the table moment for me,” Meyer reportedly said. The book is still on hold.

Fifty Shades of Grey

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