Credit: Buena Vista/Courtesy Everett Collection

Not unlike his magical character in Aladdin, Robin Williams’ nonstop comedic impulses could barely be contained.

Soon fans of the Oscar-winning Disney animated movie will have a chance to see some of the jokes, impressions, and ad-libs that Williams performed in the recording booth but ultimately hit the cutting room floor.

On Friday, Good Morning America aired a peek at some of these never-before-seen outtakes, which will be included on a new home-video re-release of Aladdin due next week. The clips of Williams, in which he breathlessly flits from character to character while providing his own sound effects, are accompanied by sketches and storyboards.

GMA‘s George Stephanopoulos also caught up with cast and crew members of the 1992 film, including co-director and co-writer Ron Clements, who recalled Williams’ tireless work ethic while portraying Genie.

“He worked so hard,” Clements said. “We recorded him in four-hour sessions, and he would be going four hours straight. … By the end he was just drenched. He had so much energy and so much passion.”

Watch the Good Morning America clip above.

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