By Dylan Kickham
October 09, 2015 at 10:42 PM EDT
Credit: Cartoon Network

What time is it? Almost time for a new season of Cartoon Network’s award winning animated series Adventure Time! Executive producer Adam Muto and the main cast of the show stopped by New York Comic Con to let fans know what to expect from the the silly but somehow philosophical hit.

Season 7 will premiere on Nov. 2, and be “less heady”

Of course, the most important news of all is when we can all get back into the magical land of Ooo to see what adventures Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and the rest of the gang will get into. Muto introduced a (very) short clip of the premiere episode, entitled “Bonnie & Neddy,” to the audience, which shows Finn and Jake entering a potentially dangerous dungeon at the request of the King of Ooo.

Muto also talked about how the new season will feel, responding to a fan who pointed out the show’s evolution from a fun, episodic romp to touching on some heavy, philosophical ideas in the more recent seasons. “[The show] reflects how we are feeling,” Muto explained. “During season 6 we were all thinking about these big, philosophical questions. But season 7 will be less heady. They won’t be fighting any space gods.”

The “Stakes” event will premiere on Nov. 14

For the first time ever, Adventure Time will air its own eight-episode long story arc focused on the background of Marceline, Finn, and Jake’s mysterious vampire friend. The Comic Con audience was already lucky enough to watch the first two “Stakes” episodes, and they were jam-packed with goodies that fans of the show will love. We get a more in-depth look into Marceline’s past as a vampire hunter, see the process of her becoming a vampire herself, and we also get the reason why humans wear those animal hats in episode 2. Also, there’s a spooky new intro with the Adventure Time theme sung by Marceline instead of Finn.

Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline, talked about how excited and emotional she was when she learned about the giant spotlight that would be cast on her character thanks to “Stakes.”

“I cried when they tole me about it,” Olson admitted.

The first episode of “Stakes” also features a lot of time showing the friendship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum — a relationship that many fans and even Olivia Olson herself have suspected to learn more towards the romantic side. Although the relationship between the two characters may seem obvious, Muto still declined to answer a direct fan question about the nature of the Bubbline relationship.

Rebecca Sugar is back in her first-ever acting job for “Stakes” (!!!)

Towards the end of the Comic Con panel, the cast welcomed former Adventure Time storyboard artist and animator Rebecca Sugar to the stage. Sugar left Adventure Time after her own show, Steven Universe, became such a success, but she came back for a small voice role in “Stakes.” Sugar plays Marceline’s mother, whom we see in a flashback, and even wrote a song called “Everything Stays” for the role. The guest spot marks Rebecca Sugar’s first time acting or voicing anything on television.

Of course, when Sugar came on stage, fans were very curious about Steven Universe, and wondered whether there could ever be a crossover episode with Adventure Time. Sadly, it looks like a no for now. Muto said that having Sugar voice a character and write a song for Adventure Time may be the closest we get to a crossover with Steven Universe.

After “Stakes,” there will be a BMO-centric holiday special

So, we’re going to get two full hours of Marceline, and after that Muto revealed there will be a half-hour holiday special all about everyone’s favorite sentient video game console, BMO. Fans at Comic Con saw a short clip of the episode, which showed BMO getting excited that his creator Moe would be paying him a visit for the holidays.

There will be more Fiona and Cake in season 7

The gender-bent episodes featuring Fiona and Cake are fan favorites, and Muto has promised that there is an episode featuring the heroine and her sassy cat in the upcoming season. Fans were also wondering about when we will meet Finn’s mom, after the past season focused largely on his father. Muto said that we won’t be meeting her in season 7, but it is something that they are considering for season 8.

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