By Jeff Labrecque
Updated October 08, 2015 at 01:06 PM EDT
Credit: Steffan Hill
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It’s 2015, and a woman is a serious contender to be the next American president. But the gender fight for equal rights continues in every corner of our society.

Just limiting the conversation to the movie industry, there has been a serious rash of appalling recent developments: Ashley Judd went public with accusations that she’d been sexually harassed by a studio executive, Michael Moore labeled the pitiful percentage of directors who are women “gender apartheid,” and Meryl Streep took aim at the “infuriating” gender inequity for those who write about and critique film.

Streep’s latest public remarks were made during the promotion of Suffragette, her new film about the fight to secure women’s right to vote in early 20th-century England. She plays activist Emmeline Pankhurst, but the film’s star is Carey Mulligan, who plays Maud, a young mother who finds her voice and risks everything to join the fight for equality. In the exclusive clip below, she drops her son off at what used to be her home. Her husband (Ben Whishaw), who adored her when she was compliant and subservient to him and the other men in her life, has the law on his side — and Maud might have to choose between equality and spending time with her son.

Written by Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady) and directed by Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane), Suffragette opens in U.S. theaters on Oct. 23. Here’s the film’s trailer:


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