Credit: Clay Enos

After making his Fortune Magazine debut a few days ago, LexCorp CEO Lex Luthor Jr. (a.k.a. Jesse Eisenberg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) has announced his company’s next project: an operating system called Lex/OS.

A new promo video promises “the world’s most private and secure operating system, engineered with protection you need and the freedom you want.” LexCorp also rolled out its official website, complete with plenty of industry jargon and a slightly ominous promise that, coming winter 2015, “We’ve got a lot to show you.”

The Fortune “interview” earlier this week painted a picture of the 31-year-old vegan tech titan, who’s taken over his father’s company and is about to unveil a new technology that “will change the world forever.” While Luthor doesn’t reveal much about that technology, presumably the newly-announced Lex/OS, it does suggest that it will play a major role in Batman v Superman.

“It’s about safety,” he told Fortune. “This is a product that will protect you, and everyone, from threats you don’t even know about yet. I don’t want to scare anybody… much. But there are a lot of threats out there, and they’re here today.”

Credit: Clay Enos
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