The Chicago Cubs are one of the most tortured sports franchises in history. Though the team plays in a classic home park, Wrigley Field, and enjoys the support of one of sport’s most loyal fanbases, the Cubs are infamous losers. In fact, Chicago’s National League team hasn’t won a World Series since 1908.

The Cubs drought is such a cruel joke that when Back to the Future Part II came out in 1989, the prospect of the team winning a World Series was treated the same way as Jaws 19. According to the film, the Cubs swept Miami in five games to win the 2015 World Series.

On Wednesday night, however, the Cubs blanked the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wildcard game, advancing one step closer to their first World Series appearance since 1945. They now face their hated rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, in a best-of-5 divisional series. The Cardinals had a better record than the Cubs during the regular season, but the Cubs look dangerous, with a power-hitting young lineup and solid starting pitching led by ace Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester.

The future is malleable. After all, Miami is a sub-.500 team in the National League, so the Back to the Future Part II prediction won’t be precise even if the Cubs go on to erase 107 years of futility. But still, just to be safe, it might be time for the Cubs to book Huey Lewis for the next 7th-inning stretch singalong at Wrigley.

Back to the Future Part II
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