By Madison Vain
Updated October 08, 2015 at 03:03 PM EDT
Credit: James McCauley/Rex

The soundtrack to this summer’s excellent Amy, the documentary about Amy Winhouse, has been officially announced. Island Records will release the compilation disc Oct. 30 and it features a deep number of rare cuts. A full track list is below.

Amy dropped amid rave reviews but controversy within the late singer’s camp. Her family lambasted the doc, citing gross inaccuracies and ex-boyfriend Reg Traviss called it a “slur upon her.” But in the A-grade review EW’s Leah Greenblatt offered, she wrote, “Amy is a rare thing to watch: neither hagiography nor hatchet job but a full, unvarnished portrait that brings a larger-than-life icon back to earth—and makes her infinitely more interesting for it.”

Here’s a tracklist for the collection.

1. Antonio Pinto: “Opening”

2. Amy Winehouse: “Stronger Than Me”

3. Antonio Pinto: “Poetic Finale”

4. Amy Winehouse: “What Is It About Men” [Live @ North Sea Jazz Festival]

5. Antonio Pinto: “Walk”

6. Amy Winehouse: “Some Unholy War” [Downtempo version]

7. Antonio Pinto: “Holiday Texts”

8. Antonio Pinto: “Kidnapping Amy”

9. Amy Winehouse: “Like Smoke” [Demo]

10. Amy Winehouse: “Tears Dry On Their Own”

11. Antonio Pinto: “Seperacao Fotos”

12. Strange Cargo: “The Name of the Wave”

13. Amy Winehouse: “Back to Black” [A cappella / Album Medley]

14. Antonio Pinto: “Cynthia”

15. Amy Winehouse: “Rehab” [Live on Jools Holland]

16. Antonio Pinto: “In the Studio”

17. Amy Winehouse: “We’re Still Friends” [Live @ Union Chapel]

18. Antonio Pinto: “Amy Lives”

19. Amy Winehouse: “Love is a Losing Game” [Live @ Mercury Awards]

20. Antonio Pinto: “Arrested”

21. Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett: “Body and Soul”

22. Antonio Pinto: “Amy Forever”

23. Amy Winehouse: “Valerie” [Live @ BBC]