By Isabella Biedenharn
October 07, 2015 at 12:39 PM EDT
Michael Hickey/Getty Images for TAS

For its five-year-anniversary Tuesday, Instagram released a list of its top five most followed accounts to Reuters (the first time they’ve been officially confirmed), and the results may not surprise you: Our Lady of BFFs, Taylor Swift, takes the number one spot with 49.6 million followers.

Kim Kardashian follows Swift, clocking in at 48.1 million followers. Beyoncé, at 47.2 followers, has the third most-followed account, and Selena Gomez (45.9 million) and Ariana Grande (44.6 million) round out the list. To put these numbers in perspective, President Obama has 4.7 million followers. (Though for the record, Instagram discounted its own Instagram account, which has 130 million followers.)

For all the screenshots and posts floating around the Internet about Swift responding to fans, it’s Gomez who, Instagram confirms, actually has the most “engaged account.” She “often comments on posts and responds to fans directly,” Instagram says via Reuters. Instagram also points out that the bulk of these five women’s followers are international: “The top accounts also each reflect a 75 percent international fanbase,” Reuters reports.

Head to Reuters for the rest of the article, and check out two of Swift’s most-liked Instagram posts below: