By Dalton Ross
October 07, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Monty Brinton/CBS

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance.]

Let’s do a little Survivor math. When is two greater than four? When the four strap huge sticks of dynamite to themselves and then push the detonate button.

Tonight was tribe switcheroo time as two Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance tribes became three, and somehow the only tribe where former Ta Keo members had a numbers advantage managed to watch the majority vote out one of their own. That’s right: even though Andrew Savage and Tasha Fox were in the minority on the new Angkor tribe, they still ended up gaining total control when all four of the former Ta Keo players (Jeff, Woo, Abi, Peih-Gee) voted against one of their own … just a day after professing the need to stay strong and loyal to one another.

It was a mind-boggling development, set into motion after Varner tried to communicate with Kelly Wiglesworth after losing the challenge and was busted by Tasha. Varner then went on to drag private deals into public view, upsetting his former alliance members in the process and starting a chain of events that would eventually lead to Abi and Peih-Gee campaigning to vote each other out.

In the end, Peih-Gee lost and was eliminated, but it’s really hard to see how any of the other former Ta Keo folks could be seen as “winners” in this situation. For Andrew and Tasha, it was a stunning turn of events.

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Elsewhere, Spencer and Stephen were given new leases on life with the tribe swap, while Terry seemed delighted with the switcheroo, although I have no idea why since he went from the top of his tribe totem pole to the bottom of the other one (especially with Kelley Wentworth already publicly lobbying against him). And Jeremy found the second hidden challenge idol, stuffing it into his pants while nobody was looking.

My full recap will be up at midnight, but you can sound off right here with your thoughts on the Angkor tribe meltdown and Peih-Gee’s ouster. And check out some exclusive videos below, including my pre-game chat with Peih-Gee and the first two star-studded return episodes of Survivor Talk. Finally, for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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