By Ian Goldstein
Updated October 07, 2015 at 11:27 AM EDT

Bill Clinton sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show to fulfill his role as “secretary of explaining stuff.”

Colbert wanted to know why presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were soaring in popularity. Clinton said Sanders is trying to help the people who believe the system is rigged against them, and who feel “the rich get all of the gains.”

Regarding Trump, Clinton said he’s a “master-brander” and the most interesting candidate. “He says something that overrides the ideological differences,” Clinton said.

The former president — whose wife, Hillary Clinton, is running for the Democratic nomination in 2016 — said Trump’s disregard for political correctness and ability to market himself as someone who “fixes things” is what has made him so popular.

But Trump’s detractors should fear not, according to Clinton: “It may have a short half-life, his campaign,” Clinton said. “I can’t tell yet. But he’s a master-brander and there is a macho appeal to saying ‘I’m just sick of nothing happening. I make things happen. Vote for me.’”

Watch the clip below to see Clinton clear up the rumor that he asked Trump to run for president.

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