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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 doesn’t begin shooting until February and won’t hit theaters until May 5, 2017, but fans of Marvel’s unlikeliest superhero smash are already clamoring for details about its next installment.

Guardians director and co-writer James Gunn did a lengthy, live Q&A on Facebook Tuesday evening, during which he talked about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (“Nebula is an important character”), his favorite movie to watch on Halloween (David Cronenberg’s The Brood), and whether he watched the Guardians of the Galaxy honest trailer (“I thought it was hilarious”).

Gunn remained tight-lipped about most Guardians Vol. 2 details, but did say that they’re adding one major character, that he’ll be working with a different color palette on the new film, and that he’s picked out all the songs for the Vol. 2 soundtrack, including one that he tried but wasn’t able to work into the first movie’s groovy soundtrack.

When asked whether there would ever be a Guardians and Avengers crossover, Gunn remained silent but shrugged playfully at the camera; when a viewer immediately followed up, however, with a question about such a crossover, Gunn gently shut down the topic. “My interest is to tell stories that are deeper and better about the characters we’ve already known,” he said. “It isn’t about just mixing and matching characters; that’s kind of boring to me, frankly.”

On a related note, he also said that a Guardians and Walking Dead crossover “will never, ever happen, as long as I’m around.”

He also has no interest in making one of the new Star Wars movies (though he loves the franchise, and cites it as one of his greatest inspirations) or a sequel to his 2006 horror film Slither, both questions of which popped up repeatedly.

When one of the commenters asked if he would replace Bradley Cooper, who voices the raccoon Rocket, with Danny DeVito, Gunn said simply, “Not gonna happen,” though he revealed that DeVito was an actor they considered while they were making the first Guardians.

Gunn also explained the motion reference process for Rocket: Gunn’s brother Sean, an actor (known for playing Kirk on Gilmore Girls) stands in for Rocket, interacting with the other actors, on set. The visual effects team pieces Rocket together between footage of Sean, Cooper in the studio, and some of Gunn himself.

Of course, the fans asked Gunn whether there will be a Guardians Vol. 3, and 4, and 5. While Gunn emphasized that Vol. 2 is “not about leading up to anything else; it’s about the Guardians and their lives,” he said there will “probably” be more sequels, “if the second one does well. You guys gotta go see the second one!”

Watch the entire Q&A above. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out May 5, 2017.

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