Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing about Beyonce not giving interviews anymore is that no one has had the chance to ask her about her love for The Big Lebowski. The iconic singer, who once sampled a French dub of Maude Lebowski’s (Julianne Moore) monologue about feminism in her song “Partition,” has reportedly purchased the mansion seen in the film.

The $45 million home that once played host to David Huddleston’s fictional millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski previously belonged to ex-Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. According to TMZ, McCourt sold the mansion last year. Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly put in a bid then, only to lose out to a British billionaire. But the billionaire since decided that actually he doesn’t like L.A. that much, and put the house up for sale, and it was promptly snatched up by America’s royal family.

Perhaps Beyonce and Jay-Z have decided the mansion is the best place for daughter Blue Ivy to learn how to bowl and appreciate good rugs. And if Beyonce’s a huge The Big Lebowski fan, maybe we need to start combing through her entire discography for obscure Coen brothers references. Get on it, Beyhive.

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