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October 07, 2015 at 01:17 PM EDT
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Steve Jobs, written by The West Wing‘s Aaron Sorkin and directed by Slumdog Millionaire‘s Danny Boyle, doesn’t hit theaters until Friday, and for those already criticizing the film’s portrayal of its titular tech icon, Sorkin has some advice: see the movie first.

Speaking on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Sorkin was asked about how he’s handled the response by some within the Apple or technology communities who believe that he has painted an inaccurate portrayal of who Jobs was in real life.

“The people saying that haven’t seen the movie, actually, so they don’t know what I’ve made him look like,” Sorkin said.

“But, I apologized right away anyway because I realized it is a building full of people who can hack into my hard drive and do anything they want,” Sorkin continued, acknowledging his involvement in documents leaked during the Sony hack

“This movie is not a biopic, it’s not a cradle-to-grave story … the entire movie is three scenes,” Sorkin explained, stating that his intention was to have Jobs deal with the interpersonal conflicts in his life during these three key moments.

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That said, Sorkin by no means claims that Steve Jobs proves an affection for technology: “I don’t understand tech at all. It takes me five minutes to find the power button on my Mac,” Sorkin said before explaining that Steve Wozniak was hired as a consultant for the film. The writer-director went on to elaborate on his goals with the version of Jobs he wrote, and how Jobs’ daughter Lisa become an integral part of his writing.

Watch the full interview below to hear more about Sorkin’s work on the film, and for more on Steve Jobs, read EW’s review.

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