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When he’s not speeding through Central City as Barry Allen on The Flash, 25-year-old Grant Gustin is devouring entertainment at a perfectly reasonable pace.

EW asked the super star to give us a taste of his zeitgeist diet in our Pop Culture Personality Quiz, just in case you were wondering whether he’s Team Piggy or Team Kermit.

The movie I always stop to watch when I see it:

Every time I see The Departed on TV, I’ll stop and watch that whole movie.

The movie I quote the most:

I’m really bad at remembering quotes from movies, actually, but the ones that stick with me are generally from Will Ferrell movies like Anchorman and Old School and Step Brothers.

The best Halloween costume I ever had and probably will ever have:

I used to go pretty full out as a kid. I’m pretty s—-y about Halloween costumes in my adult life now. I was Marty McFly a few years ago. I was Ferris Bueller the year before that. I do a lot of movie characters. My ultimate Halloween costume, I’ve never done. Do you remember An Extremely Goofy Movie? I have to be Powerline. It’s such an iconic costume! I want to do it and see if people can spot it.

Flintstones or Jetsons?


Steal a Justice League weapon:

A. Wonder Woman’s invisible jet

B. Green Lantern’s ring

C. Batman’s utility belt

D. Aquaman’s trident

Probably Green Lantern’s ring. I’m probably not even sure what its full capabilities are, but the fact that it can basically become anything he wants it to become and can carry him around … that’s kind of crazy. I think that’d be pretty useful. There’s probably a lot more that I’m not even aware of.

The most surprising GIF I’ve ever seen of myself:

It’s probably not even remotely the craziest one, but the one that just popped into my head: there was one going around for a while that was me [speaking] on some panel and SpongeBob aggressively licking my face.

C-3PO or R2D2?


Pick a ‘90s nostalgia!

A. Disney movies

B. Nickelodeon cartoons

C. Nintendo games

I don’t know how to pick! Those were prominent aspects of my growing up. I love all of those things.

Video game I’ve always kicked ass at:

As I’ve gotten older, I play Playstation 4 mostly. I’m a sports videogame type person. But growing up, I was insane at Goldeneye and Mario Kart.

The last book I said I was going to read:

I read it! It was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Phenomenal.

The reality show I think I could actually win:

Okay, if I wasn’t an actor and I was living a different life and I wanted to be on a reality show, I would go all out, like I’m gonna train to be on this reality show, and it would definitely be American Ninja Warrior.

First R-rated movie I saw:

In theaters? I probably saw something at home that was rated R way before I was supposed to with my parents, but I think in theaters it was Glass House. Was that movie rated R? It should have been. It was probably PG and I was just terrified. [Ed. note: It was PG-13.]

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Choose a horror villain:

A. Freddy

B. Jason

C. Michael Myers

D. Chucky

Ooh, Chucky. He’s a weird one. I used to love/hate those movies. And I was such an action figure kid and still am, and that thought was always really scary to me.

Batman or Superman?

Superman. I mean, I love Batman but I’ve always loved Superman.

My most prized action figure:

The Star Wars collection was probably my favorite to create scenarios with. But I hated that they didn’t bend. When I was a kid, my mom had found a Chris Reeves Superman 12-inch figure at a yard sale, and his arms didn’t really bend! But I thought that that was so cool that I even had that. I don’t know what happened to that.

TV couple I’m shipping right now:

Is it okay if it’s not current-current? I’m really late to the Parks and Rec party. Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, I’m like obsessed with right now. Don’t tell me what happens!

You danced across the country touring in West Side Story. Which classic show tune best describes you?

A. “Ya Got Trouble” – The Music Man

B. “I Feel Pretty” – West Side Story

C. “Send in the Clowns” – A Little Night Music

D. “Don’t Rain on My Parade” – Funny Girl

I’m gonna go with “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” I just like, “Don’t rain on my parade!” Like, don’t get in my way! I’m gonna do me, you do you!

Where is Glee’s Sebastian Smythe now?

That question I ask myself sometimes. He’s probably doing well. He’s sassy but he was always a “don’t rain on my parade” type of guy. My way or the highway, I’m gonna do me. He’s pretty driven, even though he was an a–hole. He probably succeeded at something in a big city, and I imagine he’s probably in a very unstable relationship with somebody.

What if Barry met Sebastian?

Sebastian would probably love Barry because they’d have the same face and Sebastian loves his face. Barry’s pretty open and can be friends with anyone. They’d find some way of getting along.

Team Kermit or Team Miss Piggy?

Kermit, I guess. They’re both great but Kermit’s Kermit.

The song I randomly break into on set:

First of all, I’m not a karaoke guy. Karaoke scares the s— out of me. But I will — at home, by myself, at work — go into Big Sean all the time and just rap.

Oh my God, I haven’t thought about that in years. I had just started doing community theater in Virginia, and that was becoming my world, and I had recently got an agent in New York City … I don’t even know why we went to that audition or how that was on my radar. That was the first paying gig I did in New York. I felt like I was on Barney, although I was like … a little bit too old to be doing it? All the other kids were younger than me but I loved it because I was working, but I was embarrassed at the same time … I don’t remember much of that!

My jungle spirit would be:

A monkey, for sure. I’m a long, lanky person and I feel like a monkey for the most part. I can just relate the most to monkeys, I think.

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