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When John McCain says he slept like a baby after losing the 2008 presidential election, he doesn’t mean it was peaceful.

The Arizona senator appeared on Monday night’s episode of The Late Show and while Stephen Colbert ran through McCain’s political history, the former Republican presidential nominee addressed his subsequent sleeping habits after coming up short to Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

“After I lost I slept like a baby,” McCain told Colbert. “Sleep two hours wake up and cry. Sleep two hours wake up and cry.” (If that sounds familiar, McCain told Jay Leno the same thing back in 2008.)

Colbert then introduced a hypothetical: “If you had won—” Colbert said before McCain quickly interjected, “I wouldn’t be on this show,” McCain joked.

The Republican senator said he had to put the loss behind him and called worrying about what he could have done a “needless exercise.”

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When Colbert asked him how often he does the needles exercise, McCain admitted to about four, five times a night.

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