By Oliver Gettell
Updated October 06, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Comedy Central

Hannibal Buress probably shouldn’t quit his day job.

That’s the gist of Unemployable, an unaired 2014 pilot for a reality series that would’ve featured the comedian, writer and Broad City costar trying out “real jobs” like window washer, pedicab driver, and kids’ basketball coach to see if he could hold his own.

His first outing as a goat farmer in Moreauville, La., finds him alternately bored, grossed out, and exhausted, and his time on the line at a New Orleans diner is marked by broken eggs and dreams alike.

Unemployable never made it past the pilot stage, as Comedy Central opted not to pick it up (though that didn’t stop Buress from tweeting otherwise at the time).

Still, as Buress wrote on his Tumblr page Tuesday, “television is made to be seen so here it is.”

Watch the NSFW pilot for Unemployable above.