'There's definitely chemistry, and they like each other,' the actress tells EW
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Thanks to some crying babies and crashing Malibu waves, the cast of Fox’s Grandfathered hasn’t seen the majority of the series.

“When we shot the episode [airing Tuesday], we had to go in and dub our lines over the baby crying,” Paget Brewster tells EW. “The sound guys had to completely rebuild the scene, so we’ve only seen a couple minutes of the episodes that we’ve shot.”

The scene Brewster’s referring to is one in which her character, Sara, and the mother of her son’s child, Vanessa (Christina Milian), bond during a beach day after getting ditched by Gerald (Josh Peck) and his dad Jimmy (John Stamos). “Sara sort of doesn’t want her son to be with this kind of hip-hop, young, seemingly reckless girl. She sort of judges Vanessa for getting pregnant with Gerald even though she did the same thing 26 years ago with Jimmy,” 46-year-old Brewster says. “But they have to get to know each other and they end up respecting each other.”

Vanessa did take a page out of Cher Horowitz’s book when she called Jimmy a “total Clooney” in the series premiere, but Brewster assures fans that nothing will happen between the two. “It would be a gross idea,” the Another Period actress says. “She’s not going to hit on him. She just recognizes that he’s a good-looking guy.”

That leaves room for Sara and Jimmy to resurrect their relationship almost 30 years later. “They sort of start to get flirty and friendly and enjoy each other, and then they pull away,” Brewster explains. “They’re not together, but there’s definitely chemistry and they like each other, but they also butt heads a lot. That would be something that’s a possibility, but how the writers will handle that I don’t know.”

One obstacle standing in the way of Sushi and Ponyboy Part 2: Sara’s on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend, played by guest star Andy Daley, who comes to visit for Thanksgiving per Gerald’s invitation.

“They rekindle their relationship and Jimmy is still dating stomach models,” Brewster says. But Daley’s character, who helped raised Gerald, and now works for NASCAR in China, so he won’t likely stick around throughout the holiday season.

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In addition to Daley’s guest spot, Bob Saget — who appeared in the series debut — will be back, along with Full House costar Dave Couiler, who joins the show in a couple weeks. Saget showed his love for Grandfathered when he came out to watch the premiere at Stamos’ house with the rest of the cast. “We all watched together in his [Stamos’] living room and it was really sweet and we all felt really excited,” Paget recalls.

And Paget would love to bring even more Full House alums aboard. “I’m hoping we get Lori Loughlin because I love her!” she admits.

While the Community star would’ve also liked to do flashback scenes to Sara and Jimmy’s early dating days (“We want to have good ’90s hair!”), Paget says the show will focus on who the characters are today and where their relationships are headed.

And since she hasn’t gotten to see the rest of the series in full, Paget will be watching along with the viewers. “I think it’s a great episode, I can’t wait to see it,” Paget says of Tuesday night’s installment. “I hope fans are as excited to see the episodes as we are, because we don’t know what they look like!”

Grandfathered airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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