By Christian Holub
October 06, 2015 at 03:23 PM EDT

David Moscow, who as a child starred in Big, is now a filmmaker.

Moscow is nearing completion on his directorial debut, Desolation, about a young woman lured into the darkness of Hollywood. Unfortunately, Moscow is still several thousand dollars short of the money required for effective post-production, so he has turned to Kickstarter for help with the last part, and employed an even more powerful tool than crowd-funding: nostalgia.

In a new Kickstarter ad for Desolation, Moscow pulls his Letterman jacket out of the closet, and revisits the carnival Zoltar machine that once magically transformed him into Tom Hanks. But this time, instead of wishing to be older, Moscow wishes for the money required to finish his movie. Moscow and his team are asking for $57,000 to finish Desolation. So far, 264 donors have pledged over $43,000 with a week left to go. Once again, Moscow may get what he wished for.