When He Teamed up With Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Aziz Ansari

While Taylor Swift has been amassing a squad so massive it got its own SNL skit, a quartet of Hollywood favorites recently assembled a power summit of their own.

Chris Pratt, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Aziz Ansari all hung out together, as evidenced by videos posted to Instagram over the weekend, and even had time to put together a (very) short film.

“CHRIS PRATT AND AZIZ ANSARI present… ‘hi guys,’” Ansari captioned the video, crediting Lawrence as the director, Schumer as director of photography, and all four of them as writers.

Schumer also posted another video of Ansari and Lawrence delivering a very loud wakeup call.

Pratt and Lawrence are starring together in the sci-fi romance Passengers, while Schumer and Ansari are currently on tour with the Oddball Comedy Festival. And, if this was a working weekend (in addition to serious #VacationGoals), Lawrence and Schumer also could have been spending time on the screenplay they’re currently writing together.