'Like everyone else, he puts his hair on one strand at a time'
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Saturday Night Live - Season 42

The season premiere of Saturday Night Live started with last summer’s biggest newsmaker: Republican presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump. Cast member Taran Killam will play Trump on the show this year, and got his first chance opposite Cecily Strong as Trump’s wife, Melania.

“How can I hate women when I have the world’s greatest woman right here?” Killam’s Trump said.

The sketch focused on the controversial comments Trump has made during his presidential campaign, including saying that Fox News host Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever,” a remark that many took to be about Kelly’s period.

“I was actually afraid she was going to die. Honestly. I love Megyn Kelly, I love her. I think she’s great,” Killam as Trump said in the sketch. “She’s talented and beautiful. But she’s a heifer who’s always on her period and I hope she dies.”

Later, Strong’s Melania listed all the reasons Trump could be president — including that he once had some fairly Democratic views. Killam’s Trump, meanwhile, played up the fact that he was just a “Regular Joe, but better.” Or as Strong’s Melania said, “Like everyone else, he puts his hair on one strand at a time.”

The season premiere of SNL was not lacking in Trump jokes. Later on, Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner Hillary Clinton appeared in a sketch and did her own impersonation of Trump.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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