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Blindspot - Season 3

Just when we thought we had mastered the art of decoding Blindspot clues, NBC’s thrilling new drama provides a new challenge.

Dosed with an experimental memory loss drug and left naked in a bag in Times Square, Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) now helps the FBI decrypt the intricate tattoos that make up one big treasure map to solving her identity and, potentially, thwarting some bad guys along the way — but those aren’t the only clues that fans can also decipher at home.

EW has learned that each episode title contains a clue that fans can decode in order to unlock a bigger piece of the puzzle that is Blindspot. “It’s a continuous message,” executive producer Martin Gero hints. “It’s a little non-rhyming poem about the show. It was just something fun. The show is about puzzles and games, and people playing with each other, so we’ve tried to hide some hidden messages in there that are more like Easter eggs than major hints to what the show is about.”

However, it didn’t take fans very long to discover what the Blindspot creators had done. “We’re shocked they figured it out so quickly,” Gero says. “It was one of those things where we were like, ‘Do people even know what episode titles are anymore?’ Certainly, they do. We wanted to make a game of it and have it be a puzzle in and of itself, but we never told anyone. A couple of people at the office slowly started to figure it out. As of episode 2, a couple of people on Twitter and on Tumblr figured out there’s a hidden message in the episode titles of the first 10 episodes.”

However, fans are missing one vital title that will help them solve this clue. Though every series premiere is generally titled “Pilot,” the Blindspot debut actually has an alternate title that kicks off the poem: “Woe Has Joined.”

“Solving it is pretty straight forward,” Gero says, pointing to the first Tweets and Tumblr posts to decipher the clues. WARNING: If you’re planning to decode them yourself, don’t click on those links. EW has chosen not to reveal the answer within this story to preserve the fun. And because fans solved these clues so easily, Gero says, “If we’re lucky to do the next 12 [episodes], we’re going to change up our encoding method.”

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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