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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Without giving too much out, what was your favorite moment of the Arrow season premiere? Thank you! — Em

There’s great comedy to be had with how Felicity handles domesticity, but my favorite moment is when Diggle makes a very divisive decision that will certainly come back to haunt him. All told, the premiere has several great twists at the end that set up what is likely to be a very compelling fourth season.

Is there anything on Cush Jumbo’s character on The Good Wife? Is she the new Kalinda? — Susan

That depends on how you think of Kalinda. If you’re talking about the ruthless investigator with a dark past who can solve just about any case, then no. Jumbo plays Lucca Quinn, a bar attorney with a lot of confidence and natural talent, but she’s not exactly wearing leather boots. Though, if you think of Kalinda as a confidant for Alicia, well, there’s definite potential there.

Who do you think is the terrorist on Quantico? — Teri

Honestly, it’s way too early for me to even venture a guess since we still have plenty of NATs — new agent trainees — to meet. “The truth of the matter is they’re all suspects,” says EP Josh Safran. “It’s important to note that you’ll meet other NATs as the season progresses. We look at it much like​ Lost in that you’re meeting new people from different rows of the plane as the series progresses, so you’re meeting new trainees, and the trainees are just as much suspects as anyone you meet in the pilot.” I’d keep my eye on Brandon Fletcher (Jacob Artist), who’ll make his debut in episode 5.

When will May return on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Harry

Soon! “You will see May in the second episode, you just don’t know why she’s there,” Ming-Na Wen tells me cryptically, adding that May will be attempting to juggle actually having a personal life on top of her professional one. “She’s trying to figure it out and that’s why, in the first episode, no one’s really sure where her head’s at right now.” The good news is the personal and professional will collide. “Adding Andrew [Blair Underwood] into the team is really vital for season 3 because the Inhumans are no longer the exception,” she says. “They’re becoming more of the norm.”

Anything Flash related? — Tommy

What’s great about the introduction of Earth-Two is it opens up the possibility of seeing doppelgangers of our favorite characters. One I’m dying to see is Citizen Cold, the hero version of Captain Cold, who was featured in the Flashpoint comic arc. When I asked EP Andrew Kreisberg about it last month, he said it was still TBD. “There are some things that we’re planning on, there are some things we’re excited we have an idea for,” he said. “We found in breaking this season, it’s getting crazier the more we talk about it. We were afraid to really dive in in the beginning, and the more that the stories really help sell the idea of Earth-Two, in the same way that we sold the idea of time travel last year, we really feel like we can start toying with some of the more whacked out possibilities of having a parallel world and dopplegangers.”

For Once Upon a Time, are we going to find out how different Mr. Gold is without the darkness inside of him? — Dina

“That gets explored,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “When the Darkness is removed from his heart, and if he gets out of that coma and doesn’t die, which is always a possibility, I would say that he should be a different person. His heart was shriveled with a lot of dark deeds, and so if you remove that, the person he was before the knife might rear its head.”

How will the death of his brother affect Booth on Bones? — Kayla

The loss of Booth’s brother will only affect him “a little bit,” David Boreanaz tells me. “It won’t be as dark because Booth’s relationship with his brother was one where he couldn’t help him while he was alive, and he couldn’t help him when he was dead. There are things that happen where we can’t find his ashes and there’s a problem in the second episode. He feels like he can’t help his brother, he never could help his brother. It’s sad, but it’s not the type of thing that will affect him long term.”

Random question, but will diaries still be a part of The Vampire Diaries this season? — Diane

Oh yes. A number of different characters will be jotting down the latest happenings in Mystic Falls so Elena can catch up once she wakes. Though, there’s a moment in the premiere that I’m sure Damon won’t include in his diary: He’s faced with an opportunity that could bring Elena back sooner rather than later and has a very interesting reaction to it.

Give me some good news for Brooklyn Nine-Nine! — Kyle

Good news: Holt is returning to the Nine-Nine — but only for a media visit. Sad Face. In other potentially upsetting news, Peralta is given an ultimatum by the Vulture that could affect his relationship with Santiago.

When is that big Amy and Karma kiss coming on Faking It? — Christine

You’ll have to wait a while, but I can tell you that they’ll be forced to address their relationship head-on when they have to fake it again. “Amy wants to get back together and be friends with Karma, but is it realistic that she won’t have some of those old feelings come back?” EP Carter Covington says. “We’re going to explore how much she doesn’t want them to come back, because she doesn’t want to go back to the place she was. That’ll come to play in the latter half of the season.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: At least Simmons is alive!

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Megan Daley.

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