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Updated October 02, 2015 at 07:54 PM EDT
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Now that Scandal is back in full swing, we asked two fan favorites to deliver extra insight along with each episode: Josh Malina and Scott Foley, who play David Rosen and Jake Ballard, respectively, are combining forces to bring you behind-the-scenes scoop on a weekly basis. Their first ever blog post — which they’ve lovingly named Folina — revisits the first two episodes of season 5. Check back each week for more — and of course, send feedback to us at @EW and to the guys at @JoshMalina and @scottkfoley.

JOSHUA MALINA: So … EW approached me about bringing back the Josh Cam, and I thought, “I don’t know, that was a lot of work. Are the fans really worth it?” To my delight, Scott Foley jumped in with the idea that he and I might do a weekly wrap-up about the making of the episode that just aired. That sounded easy, and thus was born Folina: A Scandal Hangover Blog. Every Friday, Scott and I will give you some insight — in the form of pics, random thoughts, maybe even video — into the making of the previous day’s episode. It’ll ease the painful process of healing that goes on the day after a new ep.

SCOTT FOLEY: The fans really are worth it, Joshua! (I’m still trying to convince Josh that he’s really worth it, so please don’t take offense.) I thought this was a fun idea and I’m sure that I can, along with Josh, give some insight as to what happens on the set, from table read through production. My original take/pitch for this wrap-up was shot down as it was too “racy and inside jokey,” so please forgive any seeming lack of enthusiasm in my version of events; I’m trying to keep it appropriate for all audiences.

JM: I like taking pictures before table reads. It makes it easier for me to avoid having to hug anyone. I took a shot that captured the raw excitement of Scott’s reunion (after a threE-month hiatus) with Bellamy, Tony, and Jeff:

SF: Even though it seems like Josh is making fun of me (and the picture) with his “raw excitement” comment, he’s actually doing me a favor. This is pic No. 2 that he took of this semi-reunion at the first table read of the season. The first pic caught a beautiful shot of my thinning hair that he then posted to social media, where some fans (you know who you are) chose to point out the vast difference between my hair and Tony’s. Thanks to all of those people who did that! That aside, the first table read of the season is, for me at least, so much fun. To catch up with everyone, hear about their summer and their families, the work or lack thereof … it’s really great. And then to find out what all of the writers have been up to and have in store for the show and our characters, it’s a thrill.

JM: I have a tradition at the table read of every season opener: I take a picture of Katie Lowes sticking her tongue out. This year I got a twofer:

My favorite scene to shoot in 501 [episode 1, season 5] was the one between me and Kerry. Tom Verica was directing and he had a great idea that when Olivia reminds me I’m the “Attorney General of the United States,” I should take a sip of my coffee. That way, David Rosen would actually be playing the Scandal drinking game: Someone says “Attorney General of the U.S.”…take a sip!

SF: Well my favorite scene to shoot in 501 was the scene with Huck and Jake. Yes, it was the only scene I shot, but … wait for it … no really, you’re going to have to wait for it because the outtakes from that scene will without a doubt be on the gag reel at the end of the season. I had so little to do that Tom Verica felt bad and just kept the camera rolling as Guillermo and I took a few liberties with the lines and with Huck and Jake’s relationship.

But on to Thursday’s episode, 502! I always enjoy it when Tony Goldwyn directs. Couple that with getting to spend time in OPA and this episode was a ton of fun for me. We also had a great guest star in Josh Brener. He’s on Silicon Valley, which I watch and I was able to pick his brain and hear a bunch of stories about his show. It was so interesting that I can’t remember any of them, but I remember being enthralled when he told them to me. The casino scene that you saw was an amazing set. It was really in the lobby of this cultural center in Hollywood and our set designer and production team built and dressed that space beautifully.

JM: Episode 502 was memorable for me because it provided a rare opportunity to work with Bellamy Young and Artemis Pebdani. My favorite moment of the episode is when Artemis, as VP Susan Ross, enters the Oval and is outraged because she thinks the idea that Fitz and Olivia are having an affair is “malarkey and doo-doo.” I love it any time someone is more clueless than David. By the way, Scott, I like the sweater you’re wearing.

SF: We’re not writing this in the same room. You can’t see me.

JM: I know, but I like all your sweaters. Anyway … guess that wraps up our first Folina. I feel pretty good about it. You?

SF: I feel like I’m losing more hair. But about Folina? I like it.

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