By Eric Renner Brown
Updated October 02, 2015 at 07:12 PM EDT

After nearly a year in the works, hip-hop duo Run the Jewels released Meow the Jewels, their cat-centric remix album of 2014’s acclaimed Run the Jewels 2, last Friday. Because El-P and Killer Mike apparently never sleep, they’ve now released a fresh music video for “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow),” the Just Blaze remix of their wild track “Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry).”

In the spirit of the project, the video features some adorable felines menacing an extremely low-budget replication of New York City. Hectah directed the video, which we promise is — at least visually — more family friendly than the video for the original song.

Earlier this year, El-P told EW that Just Blaze was the first of Meow the Jewel‘s many guest producers who signed on to the project. “There’s a lot of really talented people that I always wanted to work with that I’m completely wasting the opportunity with,” the rapper joked.

“It was a joke, 100 percent, which I thought was pretty funny at the time, being as stoned as I was at my kitchen table,” El-P explained of the album, which originated as a throwaway line in one of the band’s promotional emails. ““We decided that if there was a way that we could get money to charity, specifically victims of police brutality in America, that is was worthwhile. We figured, hey, f–k it, let’s fight injustice with pure, annoying stupidity.”

Watch the clip for “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow)” below.