Credit: Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images

UPDATE: A source tells EW that Childish Gambino’s team has reached out via email to invite fans who attended the Newcastle show to this weekend’s Listen Out Festival in Sydney, Australia, where he’s performing a full-band set. According to the source, the Newcastle performance was intended to be a DJ set, which, the source says, wasn’t initially relayed to fans. “Regardless of whose error in communication that was, Gambino’s team takes it very seriously when fans are disappointed,” the source says.

EARLIER: Following a performance in Newcastle, Australia this week, Childish Gambino is being criticized by fans and the show’s venue for appearance.

The Cambridge Hotel had promoted an Oct. 1 show featuring “Childish Gambino & Royalty,” but ticket buyers were disappointed to find that Gambino, also known as actor and comic Donald Glover, took a backseat during the appearance to Royalty. (According to the Newcastle Herald, the rapper stayed mostly silent for the first 40 minutes of the concert.) After the show, fans reacted strongly on social media, slamming both Childish Gambino for his performance and the venue for misrepresenting the concert in its marketing materials.

“To everyone who came to see Childish Gambino show last night we are as disappointed as all of you,” reads a statement from The Cambridge Hotel posted on the venue’s Facebook page. “We had the opportunity to present Childish Gambino to Newcastle in an intimate gig and we jumped at the chance as we aim to bring the best possible acts to Newcastle for music lovers. As seen last night, unfortunately we have no control over the act’s performance once on stage.”

According to the release, the Childish Gambino show was presented to the venue as part of his current tour. “Like you, we were equally excited to present the act and it’s only matched by the disappointment in the performance by the act.”

A representative for Gambino was not immediately available for comment. The Cambridge Hotel statement can be read in full below.