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David Cronenberg is an influential and talented director. Proof: He recently traveled to Iceland to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Reykjavik International Film Festival.

While there, he fielded questions about his career and the film and the modern film and television landscape. This is where True Detective came up.

“The heat is in TV,” said Cronenberg when asked if TV surpassed film as the ideal field for creativity, via IndieWire. “Last year I was approached to direct the first episode of the second season of True Detective, I considered it but I thought that the script was bad, so I didn’t do it. In TV, the director is just a traffic cop, but on the other hand it is work and there’s a lot of it.”

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The first and second episodes of True Detective were handled by Fast and Furious veteran Justin Lin. But the directorial vision wasn’t tabbed as the main issue. The only shame is Cronenberg never handled Colin Farrell and his fictitious unbridled wrath.

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