By Eric Renner Brown
Updated October 01, 2015 at 04:46 PM EDT

Now that September has ended, crank this one to wake up Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong: The pop-punk legend’s 16-year-old son, Jakob Armstrong, has a record deal and some sharp tunes to match. The younger Armstrong, who goes by Jakob Danger — because when you’re the son of a member of Green Day, why not? — signed with respected power-pop and garage-rock label Burger Records last week.

Jakob’s older brother, 20-year-old Joseph, is also on the label, as the drummer of the band Swmrs. “Lettus introduce you to Jakob Danger!” Burger Records wrote on its Tumblr. “Little brother to Swmrs! Super catchy pop punk magic! Check it out and prep yerself for the debut tape on Burger!”

No word yet on when exactly that tape will hit shelves, but if first single “King of the World” is any indication, fans of Green Day and pop-punk in general have a new project to look forward to. Check out that track below.