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When Sleepy Hollow returns, Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) will be facing the second of the seven tribulations they must face as witnesses — but first, they will have to reunite. EW sat down with Mison to get the scoop on the dynamic duo coming back together in season 3:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s the dynamic like now between Abbie and Crane?

TOM MISON: Between the finale of last season and the start of this season, there’s a year time leap. After what happened with Katrina (Katia Winter) and Henry (John Noble), Ichabod just disappeared without a word, so Abbie didn’t even know. He was just gone. Abbie then went off to Quantico and became an FBI Agent. Then suddenly she hears of Crane’s return. He doesn’t go to her, she hears of his return. What’s good is that it’s not even a case of finding their feet again. You just see that they can’t not find their feet together. Even after something as terrible as what happened in the finale, plus a year without any kind of contact, and lots of questions left unanswered, they get together and they belong together. That’s nice.

How is Crane dealing in the aftermath of losing his whole family at this point?

The reason he disappeared was to go to England and also to Scotland and explore his ancestry and really find himself. He also finds a very important prop in the family tomb that then becomes important later on. Abbie, probably from the beginning, has always been very good at trying to make Ichabod drop some of these emotional barriers, and she’s certainly doing that when it comes to Katrina and how to help him carry on with his life. There’s a bit of an attempt at matchmaking as well.

Is he actually going to move on?

There is a possibility. There is a lady on the scene, her name is Zoe Corinth and she’s played by Maya Kazan, who is brilliant. She’s introduced because she’s going to help Ichabod fill out the paperwork for his American citizenship. Of course, how could that not blossom into something when there’s something as sexy as paperwork? [Laughs] They’re kindred spirits, but he’s reticent, as you can imagine. The writers’ aim is they don’t really want to dwell on Henry and Katrina too much, but of course we need the character progression. It can’t suddenly be like, “Well, that’s done. Ladies!” It’s dealt with a little more sensitively.

What would you say to viewers right now who may be hesitant to come back?

I understand. A TV show is organic and it grows. You try things, and some things work and some things don’t, but you learn from it and evolve. But I think this season is evolving in a completely new direction. There’s talk of a reboot back to season 1. I don’t know whether it is back to season 1, but it is blossoming in a new way that I think is quite satisfying. So far, I’m genuinely enjoying reading the episodes. It’s going in a really good direction this year, and we’ve got lots of new characters this year. The return of Joe Corbin (Zach Appelman) is excellent. He and Lyndie have a really nice partnership, so they can run off and fight things. New baddie, new flashback with Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed).

What is Ichabod’s dynamic like with Betsy Ross?

That’s interesting because that’s an alpha woman. That’s the protofeminist in the 18th century, and she can outfight him and outsmart him. They’re work colleagues in a very sexy situation, so it’s complicated. Facebook status relationship: It’s complicated.

Check out a sneak peek of Betsy Ross in action:

Sleepy Hollow returns Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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