By Dan Snierson
September 30, 2015 at 10:22 PM EDT

As the host of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver has shined precious and often hilarious light on such topics as predatory lending, mandatory minimumsnet neutrality, and FIFA corruption. He’d probably have even more time to do that if he wasn’t busy cleaning up your embarrassing mess on Facebook.

We’re referring, of course, to the Facebook privacy copyright hoax. Creeping up every so often in various forms, the prank prompts Facebook users to post a lengthy paragraph of imposing legalese that they believe will protect their privacy rights and prohibit Facebook from owning or commercially benefiting from the content that they share with their friends. It’s been running rather rampant recently, claiming untold victims (including my mom), so to clear the air and put a stop to this feed-clogging nuisance, Oliver posted a video on Facebook in which he explains the futility in attempting to assert your rights with a statement that begins “I do declare the following.” As he says: “Now, let me stop you right there, and this is important: Just because you say something in the voice of a Southern debutante does not make it legally binding.” 

Check out the video for his full rant as well as his explanation of how you can truly protect your content from the social media overlords.

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