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How to Get Away With Murder kicked off its sophomore season with yet another shocking flash-forward: Two months down the line, Annalise gets shot in the Hapstall mansion by an as-yet-unknown assailant. So, who’s the culprit?

“Wes!” exclaims portrayer Alfred Enoch, echoing a majority of the cast’s theories. “Why not?” But if it is Wes, Davis says, “It’s going to break my heart.”

When the Shondaland drama returned, Wes’ level of contempt for his mentor reached fever pitch, spilling into the classroom as the puppy openly challenged Annalise. Their currently tumultuous relationship is hanging on by a thread since Annalise (Viola Davis) is keeping a pretty major secret from him: Rebecca (Katie Findlay) is not missing, but was killed by Bonnie (Liza Weil).

“That’s going to be a nightmare situation for Bonnie, for Annalise, for the house,” Enoch says of the eventual reveal. “That’s awful. She was the most important person in his life and he killed someone to protect her. If someone took her away, I’m intrigued to see what happens there.”

But he’s not the only suspect since Bonnie could have good reason to want her boss dead. Their dynamic has always been a bit off — like a scared puppy who gets kicked by her owner, but keeps coming back for love. But now that Annalise knows what she did to Rebecca, coupled with the tension since discovering that Bonnie withheld information about Sam and Lila, we could eventually see Bonnie simply crack.

“Bonnie mainly operates from a place of really needing to protect that kind of family dynamic,” says Weil, who agrees that there’s an unhinged quality to Bonnie now. “We’re going to get into those ramifications really quickly. In episode 2, we’ll definitely see the beginnings of that and that’s going to continue to evolve as the season goes on.”

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Though Wes is spotted running away from the scene of the crime, by the looks of the trailer for episode 2, he’s not the only member of the Keating Five hanging around the Hapstall mansion. “I think it’s Connor,” Karla Souza says. “The thing is, Wes already killed someone, Bonnie already killed someone. I think it was an accident, some sort of ricochet thing, and I think Connor might have done it by accident.”

“Maybe it was the flying cheerleader,” jokes Matt McGorry. “She always had a weird smirk on her face, then all of a sudden she’s gone. Where is she?”

Whoever ends up being the shooter, the show will keep you guessing for a good portion of this season. “We take bets on set about who’s done what,” says Jack Falahee. “Alfie and I sat down one day and went through possible theories about what has happened in the Hapstall mansion. But then we just read episode 7, and 6 before that, and now our theories have all gone to s—. Part of it, too, is Pete [Nowalk, EP] hears about our theories and then intentionally just writes something else.”

Au contraire: Nowalk is sticking to his guns on this one. “I do feel like I know,” he says. “Last year, with who killed Sam, I was a little bit more up in the air. This time, I pretty much know who shot Annalise.”

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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