By Ian Goldstein
September 29, 2015 at 11:33 AM EDT
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In addition to his vow that he will continue Jon Stewart’s “war on bullsh—,” Trevor Noah took the time during his first Daily Show Monday night to address John Boehner’s resignation as speaker of the house, making some controversial jokes along the way.

“Why leave now? I just got here,” the new host asked. “I got a fancy suit and a new set and I learned how to pronounce your name… Boehner.”

Noah certainly came out swinging, comparing the clash between Boehner and hard-line conservatives with crack and meth –Noah impersonating crack, telling meth it’s not addictive enough. “Yo man, you gotta step your game up, crystal. You make teeth fall out, big deal,” Noah said. “I took down Whitney Houston.” As the crowd reacted, Noah asked, “Too soon?”

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The host also made some lighthearted quips, one mentioning the Mets making the playoffs — “I don’t know what that is, but Jon told me it would work.” Noah also provided a good preview of his correspondent chemistry, getting into a rhythm with Jordan Klepper, who was admittedly frightened that John Boehner (Klepper actually referring to Stewart) was being replaced. “Taking over for John… Boehner is hard. It doesn’t have to be a disaster.”

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Watch the clip below for the rest of Noah’s take on Boehner’s resignation.

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