September 29, 2015 at 11:58 AM EDT

News broke last week that Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s inaugural edition of their new newsletter, Lenny Letter, would feature an interview with Hillary Clinton, and an edited transcript of the chat arrived in inboxes early Tuesday morning. In a wide-ranging conversation, Dunham and Clinton discuss, among other things, feminism and police brutality against people of color.

“One of the areas where we have problems is the relationship between communities of color and the police forces who are to protect them,” Clinton said about the latter issue. “In those police forces now, we have many more police officers who are from different races, different backgrounds, so it’s not only a question of white versus black. It is a question of how force is used, how our law enforcement are trained, what kind of mind-set they have as they go about their daily jobs.”

Dunham also asked Clinton about debt, to which the presidential candidate said, “It’s one of our biggest problems, and I talk about it everywhere I go around the country.” She explained her solution: “I want to give everybody a chance to refinance their debt. Bring the interest rates down, because oftentimes in crowds, I will say, ‘Who has student debt?’ And so many hands go up. I’ll say, ‘Does anybody have an interest rate of 8 percent?’ Hands stay up. ‘How about over 8 percent?’ I had a woman in Iowa the other day, 12 percent she’s paying on her loans. I want to just compress those. Drop those. I want to get more young people with debt into programs where they pay a percentage of their income as opposed to a flat rate. That will make it a lot easier to save some money and not be so stretched all the time.”


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