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September 29, 2015 at 03:53 PM EDT

Who would believe John Stamos could play a sexy swinging bachelor, barefoot and family-free in his new Fox sitcom Grandfathered? Turns out, just about everyone — including the man himself.

“It’s a little scary,” he tells EW. “I was watching the pilot the other day and was like, ‘Am I watching a pilot or is this an E! True Hollywood Story?’ ”

The show centers on handsome restaurateur Jimmy (Stamos) who prides himself on being single when he discovers he has a grown son (Josh Peck), who has a daughter of his own with his platonic pal Vanessa (Christina Milian). Yep — he’s a grand … grand … — he can’t even say it — … grandfather.

EW caught up with Stamos to chat about Grandfathered, and how the show is causing baby fever to set in.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How do you make sure single-guy Jimmy comes off as funny and relatable?  

JOHN STAMOS: I was like, “Just write him as who I am, because I’m a goofy guy.” To make fun of myself, first of all, is a good way into comedy. But it also makes me more relatable. I’m not some ultra-cool guy that’s untouchable in real life. The days of celebrities being above anyone else or on some sort of pedestal are over. And I love that. I’ve always made fun of myself.

It helps that the other characters, like his ex-girlfriend Sara (Paget Brewster), like to take digs at Jimmy.

Everybody’s got to have a sense of humor about themselves. If you’re some guy who takes himself really seriously, you’re not going to make it now. And on the show, my son goofs on me certainly, and Sara keeps knocking him down, which is fun.

So how close does the character Jimmy mirror real-life John Stamos?

It’s a little too close to home. It’s this bachelor guy who’s got it all, but he’s missing something in life. What about a family, and what about a relationship?

Does this mean John Stamos is ready for babies?

I want to have a wife first. But I’m thinking really seriously about that situation right now. I think I really should be a dad at some point. I’ve gotta do something about this soon!

You don’t think that it’s a cliché, that a man needs love and family in order to be complete?

I think when I’ve been in real love, I’ve been my happiest and most complete, personally. And the baby fever kind of comes and goes. But it’s certainly at an even pitch right now because of the show.

What is it like working with the kids?

They’re beautiful. They’re adorable. And they’re difficult. In the pilot, I knew I had to get that scene where she kissed me, but they screamed and bawled the entire time. It was like I was sticking needles into the poor kid! Eventually the comedy gods were smiling down on me and she did it.  

Is it fun being on the small screen again with Grandfathered?

Everybody loves it. I hope everyone can feel how much fun we’re having. Magic has to happen — chemistry, the right people, the stars have to all line up for something to be a hit. This show feels like that more than anything I’ve had since Full House.

How about your health? How are you feeling these days?

I feel better than I’ve felt in a decade. I can’t wait to get to work in the morning — I haven’t felt his in a long time. And I hope people see that.

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Grandfathered premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. 

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