Drafthouse Films
September 29, 2015 at 10:10 PM EDT

Following its screening at Fantastic Fest, Drafthouse Films announced Tuesday that it has acquired and will release the John Rad film Dangerous Men later this fall.

The acton thriller, which remained in production for nearly two decades before being given a brief theatrical run in 2005, will return to theaters nationwide on Nov. 13 before arriving on VOD platforms in December. A home video release is also being planned for early 2016.

Rad wrote, directed, edited, and produced the action thriller, which became a cult hit in the years after that limited release and the filmmaker’s death in 2007. Among its fans was Hadrian Belove of the Los Angeles theater The Cinefamily, who saw it multiple times during its brief theatrical run and alerted Drafthouse Films and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to its existence. Drafthouse Films says it worked with Rad’s family, alongside the American Genre Film Institute, to locate and restore the original film.

You can see a trailer for Dangerous Men above. 

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