From 'Goldfinger to 'Another Way to Die,' EW ranked the best (and worst) Bond theme songs of all time.

By Christopher RosenEric Renner BrownJessica GoodmanKevin O'DonnellKyle Anderson and Madison Vain
September 29, 2015 at 03:42 PM EDT
United Artist/Getty Images)

When it comes to the title theme of a movie, nobody does it better than Bond. And ever since the world was introduced to the unstoppable British spy with those giant brass stabs in 1962’s Dr. No, the producers of the James Bond franchise have delivered some of the silver screen’s most iconic and memorable moments. Shirley Bassey warned of the man with the midas touch in the indelible theme to 1964’s Goldfinger. Madonna turned the intro to 2002’s Die Another Day into a glittery, futuristic disco. And Duran Duran brought New Wave ’80s synth-pop to 1985’s A View to a Kill—the only Bond theme ever to hit Number One on the Billboard charts.

Now, Sam Smith is the latest singer to take on the honor with “Writing’s on the Wall” from this year’s Spectre. But with more than five decades of Bond themes, which ones have endured—and which would we rather eliminate? EW is sharing our (now declassified) ranking of every Bond theme.

Research provided by Danielle Zhu.