Blank on Blank, the online video series from PBS Digital Studios, unearths and animates rare interviews from celebrities and artists. The 30 previous installments have ranged from Ayn Rand to Roger Ebert to Hunter S. Thompson, and now Blank on Blank has returned with a clip of Tom Waits, mined from a 1988 Melody Maker interview.

The conversation finds the reliably-zany Waits waxing poetic about everything from laughing at inappropriate times to the his theories about the “system of mole catacombs” beneath Stonehenge. “There’s nothing that makes me laugh more than being in a situation where you’re not supposed to laugh,” Waits says at one point. “Funerals, people crying and breaking down and telling you their life—yeah, I’m the worst at that.”

Check out the full Blank on Blank video featuring Waits below.