By Megan Daley
September 28, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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With a few big reveals, gut-wrenching breakups, and ill-fated revenge plots under our belt, we’re already halfway through season 2B of MTV’s Faking It. But this week, it’s time to bring everyone together and (even more) secrets are coming out in this Breakfast Club-inspired episode.

In “Boiling Point,” Karma, Amy, Liam and the rest of the gang find themselves in Saturday detention (much like the quintessential teen comedy The Breakfast Club) – each for different reasons, and each with something to hide. “I think Hester being such a unique school was great because it allowed us do our version of detention without feeling too much like a rip-off of the original film; that was a nice gift of our premise. We worked really hard to try to bring out what we all loved in The Breakfast Club, which is this idea of everyone shares their inner most secrets, that things come out,” showrunner Carter Covington tells EW. “So, that’s what we did. We looked at, what does each character have that needs to come out in this episode?”

John Hughes, writer and director of The Breakfast Club, is a “big influence” in the Faking It writers’ room, and according to Covington, this episode called for an homage. With Jamie Travis behind the camera, it’s the episode Covington himself is most proud of. “It took us two days to shoot the scene in the detention room and it was like watching a Broadway play, but we were shooting it. It was just really impressive to see actors who are so on their game and really present in every moment. So, I’m really excited for fans to see it. We worked really hard to make it a great episode and I think it kicks off what is the five most exciting episodes coming up. Each one just builds on each other.”

All of our main players’ major secrets are bubbling just below the surface this time around; Lauren’s relationship with Theo, the identity of Felix’s father, Amy and Karma’s deep-rooted issues (Karma isn’t really “over” Amy and Liam sleeping together). But which character might have the best breakthrough? Shane. “I think my favorite moment is when Shane breaks down about Duke because he’s finally confronted about outing people. That’s a behavior that shouldn’t be glorified and I always wanted Shane to have his comeuppance about it. But we waited a long time to sort of have that happen in this episode, and to see a character like Shane who goes from the pilot being so confident to breaking down over the fact outing people has lost him this guy who he thought was pretty perfect. I was just really proud of Michael and proud of that character and really excited for Shane that he gets to have the same emotional depth that the other characters get. So that’s why it felt to me like a very special episode for Shane and his character.”

In this exclusive clip, everyone is guilty of their own crime, from skipping class to a “clerical error.” But as Felix openly questions his fellow classmates and detainees, it’s obvious that some aren’t ‘fessing up to the truth – and Shane would rather be left alone to eat his mountain of candy in peace. But, of course, he’s always ready to throw a diss Lauren’s way. 

Check out the clip below. Faking It airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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