Plus, star Melissa Fumero tells EW that 'it's not going to be super smooth sailing' for the precinct's will-they-won't-they-couple

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Season 2 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended with the moment viewers had been waiting for: Jake and Amy finally kissed.

When the series returns Sunday, you won’t need to wait long for the fallout. “They are definitely going to explore what the kiss meant,” co-creator Dan Goor tells EW. “They’ve now not only kissed but told each other how they feel about each other, and that is a big part of the beginning of this season.”

Adds Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy, “They attempt to go on a first date. The thing with Jake [Andy Samberg] and Amy is they’re already friends and already know each other really well. So, dating is not something that naturally happens for them. It’s not going to be super smooth sailing. They work together, their desks are across from each other, and I think it’s going to be full of obstacles.”

No matter what happens for the couple moving forward, “It’s still going to be funny and there’s still going to be the Jake and Amy that tease each other,” says Fumero. “They already know each other’s quirks and strengths and weaknesses, and they’re still going to have that competitive, push-each-other’s-buttons kinda thing. It’s going to be weird for them — and everyone else in the precinct — to figure out. It’s going to be fun to watch — it’s definitely been fun to shoot.”

This isn’t the first time that close quarters have made sparks fly for an onscreen will-they-won’t-they couple, and it’s not the first time that the audience has been rooting for the characters to get together since the show’s launch. For every Jim-and-Pam (The Office) and Leslie-and-Ben (Parks and Recreation), there’s a Jess-and-Nick (New Girl). Jess and Nick were brought together far too soon and the appeal of their coupling quickly fizzled for viewers.

“It’s such a catch-22,” Goor says of the decision to have Jake and Amy act on their romantic tension. “If you don’t get them together, then people get incredibly frustrated, but if you do get them together, there’s the chance to disappoint people.” The solution? Stay true to the characters and to the show. “What we’re trying to do is make sure that they are as funny as possible together, and that their relationship is a funny portrayal of what it would be like to have that tension with somebody you work with,” Goor explains. “We’re taking it one step at a time so we can play out the most natural and believable version of events that would occur after that kiss.”

As Goor points out, “They’re a bit of an odd couple, so it’s fun to imagine what that means for them if they were to get together.”

While the maybe-coupling of Jake and Amy will certainly be a focus of season 3, Brooklyn Nine-Nine remains a true ensemble comedy, and no one is getting left out. Though Holt (Andre Braugher) and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) are trapped in the bowels of the public affairs department in the NYPD, we’ve not seen the last of them — nor of Madeleine Wuntch​ (Kyra Sedgewick), who returns to the show to “rain thunderbolts” down on Holt, says Goor.

Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), too, will see some action in the romance department, when Jake helps Boyle find love in a “really fun” storyline for one of the precinct’s most infallible — and unlikely — dynamics, teases Goor. Also expect an “ill-fated” camping trip between Jake and Terry (Terry Crews).

Meanwhile, the precinct’s new captain, Seth Dozerman (Bill Hader), is an “anal-retentive personality” who is “not an obvious fit” to lead the band of misfits that comprise the Nine-Nine, Samberg previously told EW. (However, the casting of Hader is one that made Fumero actually “gasp out loud” when she found out about it. Same.)

Finally, Rosa’s (Stephanie Beatriz) relationship with Marcus (Nick Cannon) continues into season 3 … but in what capacity, Goor is tight-lipped.

No matter what happens, expect the series’ strongest material yet. “It’s the third season, and we know these characters so well by now,” says Fumero. “We’ve gotten to a really good place. We know who everybody is and how they fall into each other, and that’s what I’m most excited about this season. We can really dive in. The first two episodes are probably two of my favorite scripts I’ve ever read for Brooklyn.”

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Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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