September 26, 2015 at 02:14 PM EDT

On Friday night, Jimmy Fallon took the time to write his weekly thank you notes on The Tonight Show. 

The puns were the most noticeable part of the segment as the host thanked the iPhone 6S, saying he had a feeling it would be a huge success or “six-es,” causing announcer Steve Higgins to go into a bout of phony laughter and noises.

Fallon also thanked Scott Walker for dropping out of the presidential race and returning to Wisconsin, calling it “the walker of shame.”

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And possibly the best and most bizarre pun of the night happened when Higgins riffed off Fallon thanking Autumn for being Fall’s stripper name. The two enacted a scene in which different stages at a strip club represented different geographical locations. “Over at the south pole we have Autumn,” Fallon said. Higgins added: “And Tangerine on the equator.”

Watch the clip above to see Fallon also thank Pope Francis and P. Diddy. 

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