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You would think the Alexandrians would have gotten it by now. Rick Grimes killed some zombies that got through the gate at the end of season 5, showing the need for vigilance in protecting their community. But according to Andrew Lincoln, when The Walking Dead returns on Oct. 11, conflict will still be in the air.

How will Rick Grimes handle a still weary community? We spoke to Lincoln in his trailer on set down in Georgia to get the scoop on what to expect when things pick back up.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What kind of Rick Grimes are we going to see in season 6?

ANDREW LINCOLN: You meet a man at the end of season 5 that is unequivocal about how we should defend and secure this new world, and it is a feasible world, he believes. And I think that you see a man going into motion about that. But, you know, respectful of the hierarchy over there, but very possessive, and he’s not integrating as well as he could. And maybe that’s his Achilles heel.

At the end of season 5, he looks to be in some sort of measure of control by making people realize the danger and the threat and why they need him and why his way is the right way. So what does that mean as we go forward into season 6? Is this not one strong community behind this one vocal leader?

No. I think quite the opposite, and I think that what’s happened, which is very intriguing, is a community that suddenly is not just about fight or flight. It’s about rebuilding and starting over. People have choices again. It’s not just about following one leader. It can’t be, because it’s not, and a lot of the other characters in the show realize that — that they have space to actually make decisions for themselves and what they want in this community. Which is fascinating, because it becomes more of a society. It’s not a dictatorship, but it’s certainly run by a very pragmatic woman that is realizing that she has to change, because she’s ill-equipped. She has no information about what is out there, and this guy does. So maybe it’s a leader and a general. I don’t know.

We’ve seen real countries rise and fall because of governments and military not being able to align.

And see eye to eye. I agree.

So it sounds like we’re getting a little bit of that in a sense.

Well, yeah. We got a lot of people in this show now, and we’ve always had a lot of people, but we’ve got some great new additions to the cast that have been terrific, and also what you see is that there are more people in the community that you haven’t met yet that come forward in this season. And it is about our responsibility to educate these people, and whether or not Rick is as committed to them at this point in the journey. We’ll find out if he softens a little bit. He’s not taking any s— from anybody. But not in a kind of I-want-to-take-the-place way, just in a very kind of I-know-what-needs-to-be-done, and let’s f—ing get it done.

What about Rick and Jessie? Obviously a very complicated situation there, made even more complicated by the fact that you shot her husband.

Yeah, first date’s going to be kind of a challenge.

So what’s going on there?

I was very excited and apprehensive to see the first scene that they got to play. I was very intrigued about how they would address the elephant in the room, which is the dating game, you know? But she’s a terrific actress, and you will see an amazing evolution of her character in a very short space of time. And we got to do a great few scenes on Friday, and it’s amazing how time heals.

“Don’t worry about it, baby.”

There ain’t much choice in the apocalypse.

Just a warm body, right?

I’m just saying. She hasn’t got many options.

Watch Lincoln talk more about season 6 in the video below. And for more Walking Dead scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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