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Is Bailey going to be a good Chief on Grey’s Anatomy? — Hailee

She’s certainly going to try. “We’re watching her struggle as she learns to take the reins,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells me. “It’s a job that she’s always wanted. it’s a job that she feels is so important. We’re watching to see what it means to be a leader.”

So, does that final scene of Jane Doe getting the tattoos in the Blindspot pilot mean she’s actually in on it? — Johanna

I wouldn’t assume anything just yet. “You can read a couple things into that scene,” EP Martin Gero says. “Yes, she eventually chooses to have the tattoos [put] on, but under what circumstances, under what duress and why is something we’re going to explore pretty heavily in the first season.”

Is it just me or is there totally sexual tension between Wes and Annalise on How to Get Away with Murder? — Karolyn

You’re not alone. I thought there was definitely something going on during that club scene, so I took that question to showrunner Pete Nowalk. “Wes and Annalise have a very special relationship,” he says. “We definitely are going to reveal more about what that is this season. There’s lots of people in relationships with an age difference. It just depends on what you picture.” So, maybe?

I’m all for suspending logic to enjoy genre television, but how exactly does Crane get to England with falsified documents on Sleepy Hollow? — Bella

That’s an interesting question that might be answered by this new casting for a potential love interest that comes into Ichabod’s life for a multi-episode arc. “There is a lady on the scene, her name is Zoe Corinth and she’s played by Maya Kazan,” Tom Mison tells me. “She’s introduced because she’s going to help Ichabod fill out the paperwork for his American citizenship. Of course, how could that not blossom into something when there’s something as sexy as paperwork? They’re kindred spirits, but he’s reticent, as you can imagine.”

Please tell me anything about Once Upon a Time before its return! — Jennifer

A reveal in the premiere shows that Camelot ties into the early mythology of the show in a very major way. Even my head exploded a little bit when I saw this brilliant twist.

Will Klaus and Hayley finally confront their real issue and talk on The Originals? — FabienneP123

Based on my lightning round of scoop with EP Julie Plec, it sounds like it’ll be a while before we see that. Here we go: Klaus: “Begrudgingly redemptive.” Elijah: “Pissed as hell.” Hayley: “Even more pissed than Elijah.” Marcel: “Back in charge.” Cami: “Dropped into a whole new mystery.” Davina: “Struggling with the responsibilities of power.” Freya: “Trying to cut loose, footloose.” Jackson: “How to be a good husband when your wife might be in love with another man?” Vincent: “Desperate to deny his magic and having a really hard time sticking to that.” Rebekah: “On a mission far, far away, which may put her in jeopardy sooner than we think.”

Will there be consequences for Jim’s deal with Penguin on Gotham? — Tom

The immediate consequence is simply that Jim now has to be a cop again, and thanks to Theo breaking Jerome (and others) out of Arkham, being a cop in Gotham is about to be more difficult than ever before. But if you’re a fan of the city’s villains, I’d highly suggest you watch episode 3 live.

Any info about The Flash would be great, especially Barry Allen info. Thanks! — Shelly

The title of the season premiere is a very curious thing: “The Man Who Saved Central City.” While the residents of Central City believe that man is The Flash, and viewers believe it’s Eddie, there’s someone else that played a very big role on that day.

Big fan of Heroes. Thought Heroes Reborn was great. What’s next? — Andy

We’ll get to meet the big bad boss behind the Renautas company, who unveils global plans that can only come to fruition with the acquisition of Molly Walker. In possibility related news, Miko’s sword will soon fall into new hands.

Any chance Moriarty will return to Elementary this season? — Tristan

“She’s certainly referenced in the first episode,” executive producer Rob Doherty teases. But physically? That’s still TBD. “A lot of Moriarty conversations going on here,” he says. “But no, we won’t get anything in the first couple of episodes. We could not love Natalie [Dormer] more and we’re trying to figure it out.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: Once Upon a Time returns on Sunday. That is all.

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill.

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