Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty

The highlight of the 67th annual Emmy Awards may have occurred during the commercial breaks. That’s where Apple Music debuted a new commercial for its playlists starring Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and Mary J. Blige. “It’s hard to explain how much fun it was,” Washington told EW editor Henry Goldblatt during a Sirius XM Town Hall session on Friday in New York.

With direction by Ava DuVernany (Selma), Washington said the filming of the commercial — which featured the three stars hanging out at Blige’s home — was really “like four girlfriends getting together to reminisce.”

“It was really a special day,” she added.

As Washington explained, DuVernay asked the three women about their favorite songs, including what people might be surprised to find they enjoyed. “I had a lot of genres that were really different for me: some classical, some country, maybe a little Latin,” Washington said, without revealing specifics (as a way to keep from spoiling the future Apple Music spots the group produced). But what about break-up songs?

“There’s this really amazing song called “[As] We Lay” by Shirley Murdoch. I love that song,” Washington said. “I used to sing that song alone in my college dorm room with all the heartbreak you could possibly have.”

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