By Ian Goldstein
September 25, 2015 at 03:22 PM EDT
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
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Have you ever heard of Foad on the March? If not, you’re in good company, as this was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s high school band — whose name was usually pronounced incorrectly.

Gordon-Levitt appeared on The Tonight Show Thursday night and revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his high school band (pronounced foe-ad, not fode) wasn’t very popular and was randomly named after a student who attended school with the actor.

“It was four 16-year-old boys turning their guitars up very loudly and hurting their ears. And having a great time doing it,” Gordon-Levitt told Fallon.

When Fallon asked if The Walk star wrote any original songs, the actor admitted to writing one called “Fido’s Quest for the Meaning of Life” about a dog who died from fleas.

“I’m so happy you became an actor,” Fallon said.

Watch the clip above to hear Gordon-Levitt discuss the gigs his band played and how he mostly gets recognized now for his famous lip-sync battle with Fallon.

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

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