'What's my first favorite book? The Bible!'

By Christopher Rosen
Updated September 25, 2015 at 12:06 PM EDT
Credit: ABC

Pope Francis and Donald Trump maybe wouldn’t agree on a lot of things — as Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on Thursday night, Trump has said he doesn’t believe in global warming, and Pope Francis made climate change one of the key points of his speech to congress. But that doesn’t mean some technical tomfoolery can’t make it seem like Trump and Pope Francis don’t have similar thoughts.

Using footage from Pope Francis’ speech to congress and audio from Trump, Kimmel imagined what it would look like if the 78-year-old pope spoke in Trumpisms: “What’s my first favorite book? The Bible! And as much as I love Art of the Deal, it’s not even close: We take the Bible all the way.”

Watch below for more hijinks, including Pope Francis as Trump commenting on Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s relationship.

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