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Updated September 25, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk!

As promised, How to Get Away with Murder wasted no time in revealing who killed Rebecca — though a new flash forward in the final moments of Thursday’s premiere found someone else’s life in dire jeopardy.

Let’s go back: Annalise (Viola Davis) and Frank (Charlie Weber) suspect that Wes (Alfred Enoch) is to blame for Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) mysterious death in the basement, so they set a trap by telling him that his former flame is actually safe and sound at a motel. If he goes there, he’s innocent, if he doesn’t, he already knows she’s dead because he did it.

Despite not visiting her — he’s hurt she ran — the puppy didn’t do it this time! It turns out that Bonnie (Liza Weil) killed Rebecca in a bid to protect Annalise. It should be noted that 17 percent of EW readers guessed that correctly, while 22 percent suspected Wes as the most likely suspect.

In another big twist of the night, Annalise is visited by an old friend, Eve (Famke Janssen), who is revealed to be Nate’s (Billy Brown) new lawyer, who Annalise advised him to call last season. But Eve believes Annalise and Nate conspired to kill Sam (Tom Verica), which is why she’s shown up unannounced at the Keating residence — information Asher (Matt McGorry) passes on to the ADA as her unwilling mole.

Desperate to make sure Nate has good representation and reeling in the wake of learning that Bonnie killed Rebecca, Annalise visits Eve in New York, where we learn they’re not just old friends, but former lovers. Annalise left a distraught Eve for Sam, though the two share a steamy makeout session in the premiere that makes it seem like we should drop the “former” from our previous sentence.

Meanwhile, Annalise is determined to take on the case of adopted siblings accused of murdering their wealthy parents, so she enlists the Keating Five to disgrace their current representation by doctoring footage to discredit the main witness, their aunt. They do succeed, and Annalise is retained as their new lawyer, though surely she’ll come to regret that decision considering the two big moments revealed in the closing moments of the premiere: The aunt turns up dead in the present, and a flash forward to two months later reveals Annalise in their mansion having been shot in the gut — with Wes running away from the scene of the crime!

What does this all mean? EW caught up with executive producer Pete Nowalk for an in-depth look at the new season:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Annalise has been shot! Viola just won the Emmy, so do you honestly expect audiences to believe her life is legitimately in jeopardy? Or is the mystery more about how she ended up there?

PETE NOWALK: For me, it’s a question of who shot Annalise? Who shot Annalise? Who shot Annalise? #WhoShotAnnalise

Will the format of the show be similar to last year in that we’ll see more of this flash forward night in each subsequent episode?

We will see flash forwards. I don’t ever want to repeat the same formula, but I will say we will see flash forwards. We will be showing more of that night.

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