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Updated September 25, 2015 at 08:16 PM EDT
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If you’re still trying to process everything that happened on Thursday night’s season 2 premiere of How to Get Away With Murder, you’re not alone. Between learning the identity of Rebecca’s killer, the Keating Five taking on a new case, and that flash-forward ending in which Annalise is left bleeding out on the floor of her new clients’ mansion as Wes flees the scene, producer Shonda Rhimes made it clear that the latest installment of her crime drama will deliver just as many, if not more, surprises than season 1.

Besides the obvious cliffhanger, HTGAWM fans have also been left with so many more questions! Including, but certainly not limited to: When will everyone find out Rebecca’s dead?; Who is Eggs 911?; What’s the real deal with those adapted siblings?; How will Nate’s case play out?; Where will Annalise and Eve’s more-than-friendship go?; Will Michaela ever forgive Laurel for taking her engagement ring?

Executive producer Pete Nowalk promises this season will bust open another mystery, too. “The question on my mind, and hopefully the viewers’ minds, is why did he [Sam] kill Lila and why is he keeping that a secret from Annalise?” he previously told EW. “That is a really big question and that is something that we will delve out in bits and pieces.”

Before we get ahead of ourselves — and imagine our own night at the club tango-ing with Annalise — we surveyed Aja Naomi King, who plays newly single law student Michaela Pratt, to find out what one of the Keating Five thought about everything so far.

Favorite moment from the episode:

That very tender kiss between Eve and Annalise.

Favorite moment filming the episode:

Michaela’s tipsy bar scene. Hitting on a gay man and then texting eggs 911 … oops!

Moment that made your jaw drop:

The image of Annalise gasping for air and covered in blood.

Most suspicious character this episode and why:

The Hapstall kids … they’re just too good-looking.

One teaser for the next episode:

There will be a lot more of what you really want to see!

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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