By Will Robinson
September 25, 2015 at 12:24 PM EDT

Fetty Wap

A year ago, few knew the name Fetty Wap. “Hey, what’s up, hello?” was only a sheepish pick-up line and “Trap Queen” was the furthest thing from being in the pop culture lexicon, even though it was out for a month.

Then the single blew up in December 2014, Kanye West brought Fetty on stage during a performance in February, and the unlikeliest of songs became a strong Song of the Summer contender. It reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Two other Fetty Wap singles — “My Way” and “679” — each peaked at No. 7.

Now, his debut album, Fetty Wap, is out. To ease the deep dive into the massive salvo (17 songs with a run time over an hour), EW picked the five best (non-“Trap Queen”) tracks to check out.

“How We Do Things (feat. Monty)”

If “Trap Queen” is an introduction to the Remy Boyz’ world, “How We Do Things” is an in on the lifestyle. Monty also gets his first of six guest spots on here. Joyous and inclusive, find another song that mentions stir fry and Lamborghinis in consecutive lines.


This is a mild cheat, as it’s already a single. But “Again” hasn’t reached “679” or “My Way” levels just yet. Unlike those other high-charted tracks, “Again” is plea to be taken back by his lady, not a portrait of the party.

“RGF Island”

Fetty Wap raps and sings with a particular sleepy drawl and cadence. That’s gone on “RGF,” an assertive description of the perfect getaway for his New Jersey crew with an endless supply of Remy Martin.

“No Days Off (feat. Monty)”

“No Days Off” pulls back on the energy, and is in sonic contrast with the rest of the album. Despite downbeat mood, he and Monty still talk up the squad, pulling hard with 1738 shoutouts.

“Let It Bang”

Fetty is indecipherable at moments, but his murmurs and blaring production rock the walls on “Let It Bang.” Turns out the title is not only accurate, it’s instructive.

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