'The Walking Dead' actress has a new album and you can hear it here first


Many Walking Dead fans are still mourning the loss of Beth Greene on the show. But we have some news that might be music to the ears of fans of Emily Kinney, who played Beth — actual music! New music. A whole album’s worth.

Kinney’s full-length debut, This is War, will be available on Oct. 2, but you can stream the entire album exclusively right here on EW.com until then. That’s because Kinney just couldn’t wait to let fans hear the new tunes. “I’m so excited to finally share this album with everyone,” she told EW. “Music, for me, is a place where I can really express my honest feelings and make sense of those feelings, when maybe I’m not as articulate in real life or when maybe when it’s not appropriate.”

“These songs are all about being in the middle of something and learning when to fight for love and the things that you want,” says Kinney. “In this album, I’m sticking up for myself, not only in relationships, but also as an artist and a songwriter. I was so inspired to see how many people attached to my last collection of songs, Expired Love, and it made me want to work even harder on this album. I’m hoping these songs reach a bigger audience, and I hope that they bring inspiration, fun, and feelings of understanding and connectedness to that audience. I’m so thankful to be making music.”

Take a listen to all 10 songs below. You can also check it out on Spotify. And if you like what you hear, you can order the album right here.

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